My MiMi – iOS

My MiMi meme generator image editor iOS app

Introducing My MiMi! Make a meme in seconds, no muss, no fuss! Ever feel left behind by the crowd? You see all these funny memes people are posting and think how you would like to come up with something like that too? Wonder no more! Now you, too, can be one of the cool kids! With My MiMi, you can use your own image, take a photo, or visit a public domain images site to find an image you want…

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WriteIdeas – iOS

Ever have a great idea for a novel in the middle of the night but can’t remember what it was the next morning? Or, come up with a great one-liner for one of your characters while you are on the bus or the train, but can’t quite remember how it went once you got home? If you’ve faced this or countless other similar situations as a writer, then WriteIdeas is for you 🙂 WriteIdeas is a database for your writing…

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LifeLine – macOS

LifeLine wifi connectivity macOS app

Ever been in a hotel where the Internet disconnects you (or logs you out) if you are inactive for a few minutes? If you are frustrated by that, then LifeLine is here to save you further frustration (and hair-loss, if you are the type to pull out your hair) 🙂 LifeLine has just one job – it connects to an Internet site you provide (or by default, to Google) at a time interval specified by you so that your Internet…

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WriteTrack – iOS

WriteTrack app icon

WriteTrack lets writers track their submissions on multiple writing projects from submission all the way through to project acceptance and publication and every point in between. It doesn’t matter whether you submit to an agent, publisher, magazine, or any other market. WriteTrack can keep track of any type of market you deal with as a writer. Now, with WriteTrack, you can carry all your writing project submission information right in your iPhone or iPad so that you can view or…

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Are You A Millionaire? – iOS

Some say that “Money makes the world go round” while others say “Money isn’t everything”. No matter where you stand on this issue, wouldn’t you like to know how far (or not so far) your money goes around the world? Enter your net worth in any of the supported currencies and Are You A Millionaire? will tell you if you are a millionaire in any of the currencies in the world. Of course, if you’d like to find out a…

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PillMinder – iOS

PillMinder pill tracking inventory control iOS app

The zombies have been at it again! They stole PillMinder out from under the feet of RookSoft, spiffified all the graphics, updated the functionality of the app, and submitted it to the Apple iTunes App Store, all without us noticing! Those zombies sure are efficient! Do you take a lot of pills and find it hard to keep track of them all? Or, do you want to know how many pills you have left of a given kind when you…

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Miner Mole – iOS

MinerMole game iOS app whackamole

Miner Mole is our newly released game available for free download on the Apple iTunes App Store. Miner Mole is a game featuring our intrepid hero, a mole who mines. You want to get Miner Mole off your property and in order to do that, you need to tap him till he runs away. However, Miner Mole is not your run-of-the-mill scared-of-his-own-shadow groundhog type of guy. No siree, Bob! He’s got his own miner helmet and everything and he’s tough.…

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ShuffleFrenzy – iOS

Shufflefrenzy iOS game shell game

Pink Zombie Studios, where the Zombies and bad jokes never die, has released not just the iOS version of ShuffleFrenzy, but also an Android version of their flagship game. Long for the old carnival days when you could enjoy a good shell game? Or, if you’re not that old, do you want to find how fast your remaining eye is? If you said, “YES”, ShuffleFrenzy is the game for you! ShuffleFrenzy is Pink Zombie Studios‘ flagship game. ShuffleFrenzy is a…

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Ski Dude – iOS

Download Ski Dude for free now! Ski Dude is a fun skiing game where you navigate the skier, the eponymous Ski Dude, over ski jumps, and through obstacles, while trying to pick up gifts that increases your overall score. Ski Dude can be played either using on-screen left and right control buttons or by using the built-in accelerometer where you move the device to control the Ski Dude. The obstacles in the game include: Trees, rocks, and toboggans – if…

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Door Bells – iOS

doorbells iOS app

Door Bells was previously a RookSoft application, but then the undead at Pink Zombie Studios got ahold of it and zombified it… And the zombies made DoorBells free! DoorBells is now a free download through the Apple iTunes Store. DoorBells is a new door bell for the electronic age for those people who arrive outside somebody’s house can calls them on the mobile to let them know that they’re outside. DoorBells allows you to set up as many people as…

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