Door Bells was previously a RookSoft application, but then the undead at Pink Zombie Studios got ahold of it and zombified it… And the zombies made DoorBells free!

DoorBells is now a free download through the Apple iTunes Store.

DoorBells is a new door bell for the electronic age for those people who arrive outside somebody’s house can calls them on the mobile to let them know that they’re outside.

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DoorBells allows you to set up as many people as you like from your contacts list as easily-accessible door bells. When you visit one of these people and you’re outside their door, you can launch DoorBells, tap on the door bell associated with their name, and up pops the dialog box with options to Call, SMS/Text, or Cancel.

If you have a big contacts list, DoorBells can also be used as a frequently called/texted number list, making communication with your favourite people so much faster and easier.

Use the Setting icon in the fanlight to add or edit an unlimited number of bells. You can set the default bell (the big one) by selecting any contact in the contact list under settings.

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Download your copy of Door Bells today!

Version History

Version 2.1 – 12 Apr 2012

  • Added a feedback option for easily notifying the developer about issues, feature suggestions etc.
  • Added TestFlight integration for crash reporting.
  • Added Kiip integration to provide the opportunity to win prizes for achievements.

What’s New in Version 2.0 (13 Jul 2011):

  • The full version is now FREE.
  • Ad-supported.
  • Support for calling or texting (SMS) contacts.
  • Support for unlimited contacts instead of just seven.

What’s new in Version 1.1 (19 Jul 2009):

  • Fixed an issue with the final saved phone number being not correctly formatted (or missing digits) when the phone number was less than or greaer than 10 digits. Existing records with this issue would need to be deleted and re-added for the fix to work.

Version 1.0 (28 Jun 2009)
Initial release.