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WriteOn – Write Anywhere!

WriteOn lets writers use their Macintosh computer from the comfort of their home (or office, or coffee shop) to write their novel, short story, or other writing project and track their progress at the same time.

But when you want to be on the go and don’t want to lug your Mac around with you, you can transfer your project to the iOS version of WriteOn (separate purchase required) and continue writing with barely a missed beat. With WriteOn on the Mac (and on iOS), you can write anywhere!

Whether you’re writing flash fiction or a novel, on your own or as part of a challenge like NaNoWriMo or the 3-Day Novel Contest, WriteOn can handle your writing needs. Have multiple writing projects going on at the same time? No problem! Have multiple writing projects each with many chapters? Still no problem!

But that’s not all! WriteOn lets you track your writing progress on each project. Name your project, set a target date and a target word count and the app will calculate how many days you have left until your target date and how many words you need to write each day to meet your goal. The project details screen tells you at a glance how much you’ve written, how many days you’ve written, how many words you wrote each day on average, and the percentage complete for your project.

WriteOn also lets you see the individual word counts for each chapter of your project. See at a glance which chapter may need beefing up, or which chapter can use a bit of trimming 🙂

Want to send a copy of your project to your friend or loved one? Go right ahead and send it via email! Tweet about your daily writing progress. Or post on Facebook with your daily word count. Keep your various social streams informed. Rub your progress in their faces even!

Additionally, WriteOn allows you to backup your individual projects for safe keeping. You can later restore these backups by simply double-clicking the file in Finder. You can even e-mail yourself a backup file (or a few) and open these backups on your iOS device … as long as you have the paid version of WriteOn for iOS installed on your device. Your writing projects are always safe with WriteOn!

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  • Manage all your writing projects in one place.
  • Backup projects to file and later restore them again.
  • Be able to manage individual chapters for each writing project and know the word count for each project.
  • Share data between multiple devices by transferring backups from device to device.
  • Session totals, daily word count totals, and statistics are automatically calculated.
  • History shows you how many words written for each writing session.
  • See statistics for the total amount you’ve written so far, remaining words to write, how many days you’ve written, your average words written per day, how many days remaining until your target due date, how many words you need to write each day to reach your writing goal, and so on.
  • Send a copy of your project to yourself, or others, via email in .txt format.
  • Social sharing for sharing daily word counts via email, twitter, Facebook, and other social sharing sites.


Version History

Version 1.0 – 28 October 2016
Initial release.