Ever been in a hotel where the Internet disconnects you (or logs you out) if you are inactive for a few minutes? If you are frustrated by that, then LifeLine is here to save you further frustration (and hair-loss, if you are the type to pull out your hair) 🙂

LifeLine has just one job – it connects to an Internet site you provide (or by default, to Google) at a time interval specified by you so that your Internet connection always remains active. This way, you will not get disconnected or logged out. It’s as simple as that!

Screenshot of LifeLine by RookSoft Ltd.

LifeLine Screenshot

Of course, if an app does just one job, it should do the job right, don’t you think? So, LifeLine sits in the menu bar of your Mac and tells you when you are connected to the Internet and when you aren’t – if you are connected, the icon will be green, but if the app is unable to connect to the Internet for some reason, then the icon will go red. This way, you’ll notice when your Internet connection is out and take the appropriate action.

And that’s about it 🙂

Oh yes, one thing to note is that LifeLine does not automatically connect to the Internet when you start it – we thought that it’s best that we leave the connecting and disconnecting under your control. But if you feel that an automatic connection option would help you, do let us know. We are always ready to add more features to LifeLine to make it more useful for you!

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Version History

Version 1 – 30 June 2016

Initial release.