Writing Bundles

Writing Apps - WriteIdeas, WordOne, WriteOn, WriteTrack

We love deals, and I bet you, do, too! In that vein, we offer two writing bundles. WriteAfter Bundle with WordOne and WriteTrack. WriteStuff Bundle with WriteOn and WriteTrack. WriteAfter Bundle with WordOne and WriteTrack The WriteAfter Bundle contains WordOne for tracking all your writing progress and WriteTrack for tracking all your writing submissions to the various markets. Learn more about WriteTrack. Learn more about WordOne. Download the WriteAfter Bundle now. WriteStuff Bundle with WriteOn and WriteTrack The WriteStuff Bundle…

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Writing Apps Roundup

Writing Apps - WriteIdeas, WordOne, WriteOn, WriteTrack

Check out our apps designed for writers. WriteIdeas for storing all your writing ideas (plot, character, scene, whatever). WordOne tracks writing progress and goals. WriteOn is a word processor that also tracks writing progress and goals. WriteTrack for tracking submissions of your projects. Plus app bundles.

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CookieCal cooking baking utility app iOS temperature density food conversion

CookieCal is a utility app for cooks. CookieCal can convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, gas mark, or written description (older recipes) for the most common oven temperatures. CookieCal easily converts between different types of volume measurements, weight measurements, or even between volume and weight measurements.

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WordOne iOS app icon

WordOne tracks a writer’s daily writing progress. Set a word count goal and a completion date, and track your progress by entering your written word count. WordOne tells you your current average words per day and the number of words a day you’d need to write in order to reach your set goal.

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PillMinder app icon

PillMinder is a pill tracking app. It tracks how many pills you have and when you’ve taken them. It reminds you when to take a pill. And you can easily see how many pills you have left along with how many days worth that is. You can look at your history to see what dosage you took on any given day.

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LifeLine WiFi connectivity macOS app

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the Internet disconnects you (or logs you out) if you are inactive for a few minutes? LifeLine is here to save you further frustration. LifeLine has just one job – it regularly connects to an Internet site so that your Internet connection always remains active. No more disconnects!

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Iconizer macOS app for creating icons for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS

Iconizer is for creating icons of various sizes and shapes to fit the different apps, iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage to fit Xcode requirements. it’s especially handy when you’re testing multiple iterations of the same icon as you’re trying to get it just right. It’s an app for developers by a developer.

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