PillMinder is an app that helps you track your pills – when to take them, when you’ve taken them, and how many you have left.

Use the built-in alert system and PillMinder will remind you when to take your pills. Forgetting to take your pills will be a thing of the past!

And with Dynamic Text Support, the text can be sized as small or as large as Apple allows means this is easier than ever before to use for folks who are visually impaired.

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Do you take a lot of pills and find it hard to keep track of them all?

Do you want to know how many pills you have left of a given kind when you go shopping so that you can fill up your prescription?

Do you sometimes have trouble remembering whether you took your pills today?

Pills list - the main screen for PillMinder

Pills list – the main screen for PillMinder

If you said “Yes” to one (or more) of the above, then PillMinder is for you!

PillMinder allows you to easily keep track of when you take a pill – simply tap the handy status indicator button next to each pill and it’s recorded. The status indicator also shows you when you’re due to take any of your pills by changing the button from a red x (indicating that it’s not time to take that pill yet) to a green check mark. What’s more, the application keeps track of when you took a given pill and what your dosage was at that time. So you can always use the “History” button to go back and check what your dosage was over time and when your dosage changed, if relevant.

PillMinder also has an alert system built in, so you can set alerts for each of your pills. Once a day at 8am? Three times a day at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm? Doesn’t matter how many alerts you need – you can set them all.

Pill Alert for PillMinder

Pill Alert for PillMinder

But that’s not all. PillMinder also lets you keep track of how many pills you have and deducts from the inventory based on your dosage when you take a pill. So, the application will always have an updated count of how many pills you have left and you can see this information, as well as how many days you have pills left for, on the main screen. Basically, you can see all of your medication related information on one screen!

If you take more than one dose of a given pill for a given day, PillMinder can handle that too. Are your pill dosages not whole numbers? Not a problem! PillMinder will deal with that easily.

If you are not sure of how to use PillMinder, there’s also a handy visual guide which is included in the app itself. Simply use the action button on the top right corner of the main screen to access the built-in help. If that isn’t helpful enough, always feel free to contact us via the built-in Feedback which is also available via the action button.

Note: The basic version of the app is fully functional but is ad-supported. So the app will display an ad banner at the bottom of each screen. If you don’t want to see the ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version, which removes the ad banners.

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PillMinder Features:

  • Keep detailed information on each of your medications.
  • Track the prescribed dosage of each pill. A full pill vs a half pill – no problem!
  • Track when you take each dosage, whether it’s once a day or multiple times a day.
  • Track how many pills you have on hand.
  • Keep notes on each medication.
  • Take and store photos of the medications and pill bottles with your medication details.
  • View a history for each medication – when a pill was taken.
  • Correct the date and time entry for each pill taken if you made a mistake.
  • Fully functional.
  • Track an unlimited number of medications.
  • Look at the Help in-app if you need any help using the app.
  • Send us feedback if you have any questions, experience any bugs, or have any feature suggestions.
  • Free version – ad supported.
  • Pro version (paid – in-app purchase) has no advertising.

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iPhone Screenshots (Tap on an image to see a larger version.)

Pills list - the main screen for PillMinder

Pills list – the main screen for PillMinder

Pill Detail screen where you can set your prescribed dosage, how many pills you have, and more.

Pill Detail screen where you can set your prescribed dosage, how many pills you have, and more.

Pill Alert for PillMinder

Pill Alert for PillMinder

Pill History screen, where you can see your history.

Pill History screen, where you can see your history.

Did you record taking a pill, but on the wrong date or time? You can correct that.

Did you record taking a pill, but on the wrong date or time? You can correct that.

You can include pictures of your pill bottles, doctors notes, and pills.

You can include pictures of your pill bottles, doctors notes, and pills.

The Help screen.

The Help screen.

Download PillMinder now.


PillMinder allows you to track:

  • All the pills you're taking, along with dosage instructions.
  • What each pill looks like (in case you tend to confuse your pills), including both a detailed description and one or more images of the pill taken with the device camera or added from the device's camera roll.
  • When you've taken each pill, including a history of the dosage and when taken.
  • How many pills of each type you have on hand.
  • How many days are left at the recommended dosage until you run out of each pill.

And with dynamic type, you can make the font larger or smaller as you need.

Pills list - the main screen for PillMinder

From PillMinder's main page, you can:

  • See a quick summary of all the pills you take, including:
    • the pill name.
    • how many pills you have left.
    • how many days those pills will last at the current dosage.
    • dosage instructions.
    • date and time you last took that pill.
  • Add a pill to the pill list (+ at the upper left).
  • Access Help, About This App, Rate App, Feedback, Restore Purchase, or Remove Ads (Paid) (Action button at the upper right).
  • Delete pills from the pill list (swipe on the pill from right to left).
  • Record that you've taken a pill (tap on the green check mark or the red X next to the pill).
    • The green check mark indicates that it's time to take the next pill. Tap on the green check mark and PillMinder automatically records that a pill was taken.
    • The red X indicates that it may not yet be time to take the next pill, but you can anyway. When you tap on the red X, a warning box will appear asking you to verify that you want to take a pill. Tap on yes, and PillMinder records that a pill was taken.
  • Look at and/or modify a pill's details (tap on the pill to be taken to the Pill Detail screen). 


Pills list - the main screen for PillMinder

To add a pill, tap on the + in the upper left corner of the main screen. To modify a pill's details, tap on that pill on the main screen.

The screen for adding a pill and editing an existing pill is the same. You can add or modify:

  • The name of the pill (displayed on main screen).
  • Usage instructions (displayed on main screen).
  • Pill count (displayed on main screen).
  • Pills per dose (including portions of a pill such as 1/2 or 1/4 - to be entered as 0.5 or 0.25).
  • Number of doses per day.
  • A detailed description of each pill so that you can recognize the pill later, especially if you have a lot of different pills.
  • See if your Pill Alerts are disabled or enabled, and tap on the chevron to the right to go to the screen where you can set your alerts.
  • Add and/or delete photo(s) to the filmstrip roll at the bottom of the screen.
  • View already-added photos of your pills (tap on any photo in the filmstrip).

When you refill your prescription, simply edit the pill and add the number of pills you received to the number still in inventory. Similarly, if you've had a change in dosage or any other details have changed, edit the pill and change the relevant details.

Clicking on the "Add Photo" button (the grey button with a blue + inside a circle to the left of the list of image thumbnails) brings up the device camera view which allows you to take (and edit) images using the built-in camera. Once you are happy with the image, simply click the "Use" button to save the image.

To view an image in the slide view, tapping on the image will bring up that image in a larger view. Tap on Back to return to the Pills Detail view.

If you'd like to delete an image you've added, tap and hold on the relevant photo. Tap on the "Delete" menu item that pops up. If you've changed your mind about deleting the photo, tap anywhere else on the screen.

When you're done, tap on Save to save your changes. If you want to return to the main screen without saving your changes, tap on the Pills button in the upper left corner.

Pill detail screen. This is where you record the pill name and details on how much you take and when. Add images of the pills, pill bottle, or doctor's notes.

Pill Alert for PillMinder

Add images of your pill bottle, notes from your doctor, and images of the pills themselves.


Access the History view by tapping on the Calendar button (looks like a calendar) in the upper right corner from the Pills Detail screen.

You can view the history of pills you've taken, including date and time the pills were taken, on this screen. Made a mistake in recording the date and time a pill was taken? Tap on that line and you can edit the information. Recorded a pill taken by mistake? Swipe on the incorrect line from right to left and tap on the red Delete button to confirm the deletion.

The first screen below shows you the pill history - how much of a pill was taken when.

The second screen shows editing the date and time a pill was taken.

Pill history showing the dosage taken along with the date and time.


Edit the date and time a pill was taken.

Version History


Version 2.5 – 26 Jun 2019

  • Bug fixes and updating to support the latest iOS version.
  • Dynamic type support.
  • New notifications to remind you when to take pills.
  • UI cleanup and enhancements.

Version 2.2.1 – 12 November 2017

  • Fixed a crash when adding pill images on an iPad.

Version 2.2 – 5 November 2017

  • Updated for iPhone X and iOS 11.
  • Added ability to select pill images from the photo library in addition to taking pictures with the camera.
  • Fixed pill description not being saved/updated correctly.
  • Added a feedback method so that you can send bug reports and feature requests via email.

Version 2.1.2 – 8 October 2014

  • Re-compiled for iOS 8 since there were reports of crashes on specific devices under iOS 8.
  • Fixed a few crashes seen on user devices due to special cases.
  • Fixed a minor logical bug
  • Updated Feedback mechanism.

Version 2.1.1 – 2 May 2014

  • Fixes for a few crashes seen in the previous release.
  • A fix for an issue where apps such as Battery Doctor could remove your savd pill data if you use the clean up functionality.
  • A few minor tweaks to the overall functionality.

Version 2.1 – 2 April 2014

  • Added hints to all the main pill management screens so that the app is easier to use.
  • A bug related to restoring previous purchases has now been fixed.

┬áVersion 2.0.1 – 28 March 2014

  • A quick fix to a bug that exists when you update from an older version of PillMinder. The old data would not appear after the upgrade. This version coipes the old data from the old location so that the app works correctly again.

Warning: If you upgraded from an older version of PillMinder to 2.0, lost your data, and then re-entered the data, please do not upgrade to this version.

Version 2.0 – 27 March 2014

  • Completely revamped user interface for iOS 7 compatibility.
  • PillMinder is now a unversal app – it will work on both iPhone and iPad!
  • The free version of the app now allows you to add as many pills as you want – no limit! However, the app will now display an ad banner at the bottom of each screen.
  • The ad banner can be removed by purchased the Pro version of the app.

Version 1.2 – 20 April 2011

  • Added automatic display of whether a pill can be taken or not based on “Doses Per Day”.
  • Added auto-alerts for pills based on “Doses Per Day”.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.1 – 29 December 2009

  • Added description field to store detailed descriptions about each pill.
  • Added the ability to add one or more images for each pill for easy identification of pills.

Version 1.0 – 5 December 2009

  • Initial release.