Iconizer v1.3 – macOS

Iconizer (Icon Generator) is an app developed by a developer for developers. As a developer for the Apple platform you frequently have to create application icons of various sizes. Personally, this is something I hate doing since sometimes, to get an icon right, you have to create the same set of icons over and over again so that you can test the icons in your app to make sure that it looks just right. Iconizer aims to reduce this workload…

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QArc v1.1 – macOS

QArc QA Testing App for macOS

If you are a developer or a QA person, you probably run a lot of test on your apps. (You do test your apps now, don’t you?) And as developers, one issue that we’ve run into often is keeping track of all the test cases and scenarios that you have to run through for each app. You might be coding something and suddenly recall that you need to check for a specific condition when you run your tests and you…

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WriteOn v1.0 – macOS

writeon-icon-1024x writing app macOS

WriteOn – Write Anywhere! WriteOn lets writers use their Macintosh computer from the comfort of their home (or office, or coffee shop) to write their novel, short story, or other writing project and track their progress at the same time. But when you want to be on the go and don’t want to lug your Mac around with you, you can transfer your project to the iOS version of WriteOn (separate purchase required) and continue writing with barely a missed…

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LifeLine v1.0 – macOS

LifeLine wifi connectivity macOS app

Ever been in a hotel where the Internet disconnects you (or logs you out) if you are inactive for a few minutes? If you are frustrated by that, then LifeLine is here to save you further frustration (and hair-loss, if you are the type to pull out your hair) 🙂 LifeLine has just one job – it connects to an Internet site you provide (or by default, to Google) at a time interval specified by you so that your Internet…

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