CookieCal cooking baking utility app iOS temperature density food conversion

CookieCal is a utility app for cooks. CookieCal can convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, gas mark, or written description (older recipes) for the most common oven temperatures. CookieCal easily converts between different types of volume measurements, weight measurements, or even between volume and weight measurements.

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Sticker Packs – iMessages

Weather sticker pack

Well, howdy! With the advent of iMessages sticker packs introduced by Apple in iOS 10, our zombies worked hard at getting some sticker packs out. And here they are! Camping Stickers Camping! The great outdoors!! Sleeping under the stars!!! You might not have a mobile signal to message all your buddies and tell them how much fun you’re having camping, but you can at least use the stickers to let them know what’s going on and mabye all the stickers…

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