Well, howdy! With the advent of iMessages sticker packs introduced by Apple in iOS 10, our zombies worked hard at getting some sticker packs out. And here they are!

camping-sticker-pack-iconCamping Stickers

Camping! The great outdoors!! Sleeping under the stars!!! You might not have a mobile signal to message all your buddies and tell them how much fun you’re having camping, but you can at least use the stickers to let them know what’s going on and mabye all the stickers will get through to them once you get back to civilization? 😀


summer-fun-iconSummer Fun Stickers

Summer – sun, sand, beaches! Capture and convey the fun and frolic of summer time via our vibrantly coloured sticker pack! Send your friends some stickers indicating how much fun you’re having during your summer break!


vacation-spots-iconVacation Spot Stickers

Vacations – the time when you get away from your normal life and have those wild, wonderful adventures! Wouldn’t it be great if you could let your friends know how much fund you were having on your vactions? Now you can with our Vacation Spots Stickers! Just use one of these stickers to show all the wonderful adventures you’re having while your friends are stuck at their job back at home 😀


weather-sticker-pack-iconWeather Sticker Pack

“What’s the weather like where you are?” This is probably a common question you get quite often. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not show them what the weather is like by sending them a sticker via iMessages? You can do that now with our colourful weather sticker pack!

Download the sticker pack and start sending out those weather stickers now 🙂


food-sticker-pack-iconFood Stickers Pack

Food – whether you’re eating it, cooking it, talking about it, or describing it, you probably wish that there’s a way to show a picture of your food. Our quaint and colourful stickers were created for just that!

Now, you can send a sticker showing all sorts of food and drink by selecting from the variety of stickers provided in our food sticker pack!


party-sticker-pack-iconParty Sticker Pack

Having a few friends over? Or throwing a birthday bash? How do you let everybody know about your fun party without using a lot of words? Why not use some colourful stickers from our Party sticker pack? Go on, get those invitations going!


technology-sticker-packTechnology Stickers

Hard drives, memory sticks, WiFi, USB drives – all these technical jargon and gadgets that we have to deal with on a day to day basis these days. How would we talk about this stuff in an interesting way? How about use some of our creative stickers to indicate the technological items you’re talking about? Give it a try and see!


beverages-sticker-pack-iconDrinks Sticker Pack

Do you feel like raising a glass to toast somebody when you message them? Now you can!

Whether you prefer juice, beer, wine, or alcohol (or even tea or coffee) there’s a sticker to indicate your beverage of choice! So use one of our fun and colourful stickers to toast somebody – or return their toast 🙂