Ever have a great idea for a novel in the middle of the night but can’t remember what it was the next morning? Or, come up with a great one-liner for one of your characters while you are on the bus or the train, but can’t quite remember how it went once you got home? If you’ve faced this or countless other similar situations as a writer, then WriteIdeas is for you.

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WriteIdeas is a database for your writing ideas, whether they be plots, characters, places, quotes, or story fragments. Heck, WriteIdeas can be any type of note taking app you want it to be!

WriteIdeas organizes ideas by idea type, or category, if you prefer. You can customize the categories to be anything you want. This way, you can change what you use write ideas for, to suit your needs. So if you are a song writer and want to keep track of song ideas, you can do that. You’re script writer and want to keep track of things specific to your area of expertise? Not a problem!

We designed WriteIdeas to be as versatile as possible and as easy to use as possible so that it can serve the idea/information tracking needs of as many people as we could think of 🙂

WriteIdeas isn’t very difficult to use – all it consists of is a title for your idea and the idea itself. But entering your idea in to the app is where the power of WriteIdeas comes through. WriteIdeas contains a rich text editor which allows you to enter formatted text so that you can emphasize certain words or phrases as you need to. You want to underline something to show that it’s important? Simple to do. You want to strike out an item to indicate that it’s no longer viable/needed/incomplete? Again, not a problem!

But that’s not all! The WriteIdeas idea editor also allows you to enter links and images straight into the idea editor. The images are sized so that they fit within the screen bounds, but if you want to see the full image at any point, it’s as simple as clicking on the image and opting to see the full image.

The links work similarly. You can enter a link or have some text point to a link, like on a web page. When you later click on the link, the app will ask you whether you want to open the link. If you say you do want to open the link, the app will open the web site pointed to by the link in the built-in browser. You don’t even have to leave WriteIdeas to read the web page!

WriteIdeas can probably be put to many more uses than as a simple idea database. For instance, you could also use it as a general note taker, or a todo list, or a grocery list, or a number of other uses. If you do find a novel use for WriteIdeas (pun not intended), do let us know. We do enjoy hearing about how our users use our apps.

And if you do run into any issues with the app or have a feature request, contacting us is as easy as can be. The app includes a built-in feedback feature which can be accessed from the Help screen. So let us know your feedback – we respond to everything as fast as we can.

Also, WriteIdeas allows you to backup all your ideas via e-mail, to DropBox or any other iOS app which supports receiving data from another app. You can later restore these backups by simply tapping on the attachment on e-mail or selecting the backup file in another app and selecting the option to open the file in WriteIdeas. Your ideas are always safe with WriteIdeas!

If you like our app, we do appreciate you leaving us a good rating on the App Store too 🙂 Every good rating helps keep our apps alive on the app store!

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1. Swipe from right to left with two fingers. The feedback system will be enabled and you'll be asked to either a. Report a bug or b. Send feedback. Select whichever is most relevant and follow the instructions.


2. From the Help & Info screen, tap on Feedback to be brought to a feedback form. Fill it in with your feedback.

Please provide as much detail as possible. The more information we have on bugs, the easier it is for us to replicate and then fix the bug. Please provide a valid email address so we can respond either to ask questions if we need clarification or to provide you with an answer.

Version History

Version 1.2 – 27 September 2019

  • Added the ability to backup and restore data.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 1.1 – 9 August 2016

  • Added the ability to backup and restore data.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 1 – 12 December 2014

Initial release.