What do you do next?

You’re stranded on an alien planet. Your communications are down. You come scross this structure. What do you do next? If you use this prompt, we’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment telling us about your story. See all our writing apps here.

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Writing Apps Roundup

Writing Apps - WriteIdeas, WordOne, WriteOn, WriteTrack

Check out our apps designed for writers. WriteIdeas for storing all your writing ideas (plot, character, scene, whatever). WordOne tracks writing progress and goals. WriteOn is a word processor that also tracks writing progress and goals. WriteTrack for tracking submissions of your projects. Plus app bundles.

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NaNoWriMo 2019 Is Coming!

Are your zombies ready to write? We’re excited, and the zombies in the library are getting ready, doing writing sprints and the like to get in shape for NaNoWriMo 2019. It sounds like most of them are sticking to science fiction and fantasy, but I did hear rumblings about a romance or two… You know what? Even in zombiehood, they still show their old personalities. One zombie – that’d be Leftie from accounting, of course – had an old manual…

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Help! I’ve found a bug in one of your apps!


Found a bug or a typo in one of our apps? Have a feature suggestion for one of our apps? The best way to contact us is through the app itself. For most iOS apps, if you go to the Help & Info or Settings screen, you should see a tab called Bugs and Feature Requests. Send us an email through that. It provides us with an info.json file, which tells us which version of the app you’re running and…

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NaNoWriMo’s Coming! Do You Have Your Writing Apps?

typewriter writing NaNoWrio

NaNoWriMo is approaching quickly – just 21 more days before it starts. Are you ready? Are you getting ready? Are you joining in on the fun? You do know what NaNoWriMo is, right? If you don’t, it’s a month – November – when writers from all around the world join in on writing 50,000 of a novel. There’s no grand prize at the end other than, hey, guess what? You just wrote a novel! And that’s pretty cool all by…

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Exporting a Project from WriteOn Lite into Write On

WriteOn writing app for iOS

Did you start out using WriteOn Lite, but love the app so much you want to use WriteOn with its unlimited number of projects? And now you need to get your project from WriteOn Lite into WriteOn? Now you can! Our latest version of WriteOn Lite (version 1.2) and WriteOn (also version 1.2) does exactly that, and it’s so easy! Watch this video to see how it works: It’s a nine second video, so not very long at all. Still,…

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Our contact form wasn’t working… Plus updates

Cute cuddly cat aka female lion

*hangs head in shame* I’m so sorry it took us so long to notice. We don’t get a lot of email through Pink Zombie Studios, so we were off the ball. Our contact form wasn’t working properly, and once we realized there was a problem (thanks to Toopoles, who left a comment to that effect on a review for WriteOn on the Apple iTunes store), the big giant head looked into things and got things working again. So if you’ve…

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Mobile Writer’s Forum

WriteAid writers forum online

We are considering developing a paid (for a very small fee) mobile app for iOS (with support for Mac OS at a later point and other platforms depending on demand) specifically for the writing community. The app will act as a mobile-only forum where writers can discuss story ideas, get critiques/feedback, talk about publication, and generally discuss their craft. Why a paid app? Cost of Ownership Since you pay for it, you – and our other members – will be…

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